The modernization of training in the construction trades to meet to European standards is the primary focus of our project-based work in our partner countries. We focus on the practical as well as pedagogical training of educators and work to equip workshops and adapt curricula to current needs. Vocational students are also given the opportunity of participating in exchange projects. Our goal is to help enhance the professionalism and reputation of training in the trades and to open up career prospects for young people in the skilled trades.


Die Modernisierung der Ausbildung im Bauhandwerk nach europäischen Standards steht im Zentrum der Projektarbeit in unseren Partnerländern. Wir legen den Schwerpunkt auf die praktische und didaktische Schulung der Ausbilder. Werkstätten werden ausgestattet und Lehrpläne an aktuelle Erfordernisse angepasst. Berufsschülern ermöglichen wir Austauschprojekte. Wir wollen dazu beitragen, das fachliche Niveau und das Ansehen der handwerklichen Ausbildung zu steigern und jungen Menschen berufliche Perspektiven im Handwerksbereich zu eröffnen.

Projects are initially slated for a duration of three to six years. This is followed by follow-up phase whose scope and duration varies depending on the project. At this stage, additional training and continuing education for educators may be scheduled and additional resources for equipment and other add-on elements specific to the project may be added to its scope. This helps consolidate the project’s results. All projects are coordinated with and approved by the responsible ministries of education and/or relevant organizations responsible for vocational training.

Currently, we are conducting active projects in our partner countries Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. In Germany, we are dedicated to supporting projects that generate interest in the trades in young people.

The promotion of the German language at home and abroad is an important and growing focus of our work in addition to the project work in the field of education and training.