Promotion of the German Language

We aim to promote the culture, development, and dissemination of the German language. Language connects people, which is why we are committed to advocating for and promoting the German language in Germany as well as in our partner countries. Our commitment is aimed at supporting existing projects as well as implementing our own ideas and developments.

Bridges of Friendship

The initiative supports German teachers in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan with materials and networking opportunities.

Book project: Auf Deutsch bauen (Build on German)

In 2019, we supported this book project, which was written for immigrants aspiring to work in the construction industry. The book is filled with illustrations and lays the foundation for many technical terms commonly used in the trades. In addition to technical language, the book also teaches everyday communication. While it is suitable for self-study, it is intended for classroom learning or as an additional resource.

Auf Deutsch bauen (Build on German)

"DeutschLAND intensiv"

DeutschLAND intensiv is a language and regional studies program we have developed and organized for German teachers working in our partner countries. With personalized German classes at the Goethe-Institut in Schwäbisch Hall and field trips as well as workshops on regional culture and specialized topics, teachers can fully immerse themselves in the German language and culture. In addition, the program provides an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and international networking.

Fachsprache PLUS (Technical Language PLUS)

The project Fachsprache PLUS is geared towards low-literacy school leavers starting vocational training or vocational preparation. Methods and means of basic linguistic education are developed and tested in conjunction with the acquisition of specialist language. This also serves to sensitize and integrate other stakeholders. The aim is to avoid drop-outs and to support young people in their development. The project was developed at the Oskar-von-Miller-School in Kassel and will be implemented there through 2023. The project results are intended to be transferable.

Oskar von Miller School, Kassel

Fresko e.V.

Since 2023, we have been supporting the “Lerncafés bewegen” project run by Fresko e.V.

This project offers individual learning arrangements for people with low-threshold literacy and basic literacy needs. The learning cafés are located in the neighborhood and are very well received.

Lerncafés bewegen | (

Freundschaft kennt keine Grenzen (Friendship knows no borders)

This project is aimed at supporting all teachers of German in Ukrainian state schools who do not have access to a German-speaking environment, regardless of the focus and location of the school or their language level.

We offer free weekly online workshops with expert teachers of German as a second language, support German teachers by providing educational content and organize contests in German for Ukrainian students.

From time to time, we will also support one-off measures.

Wir Muttersprachler e.V.

Since 2020, we have been supporting the association “Wir Muttersprachler e. V.”. The association provides language sponsorships for German teachers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. This allows them to practice, use and regularly update their language skills. At regular intervals, paired German and Eastern European language partners meet virtually to converse in German about linguistic, pedagogical, and general topics. In addition, events on cultural topics, literary readings and concerts are offered. Our support has enabled the organization to expand its reach.

Click here to access the website of “Wir Muttersprachler e. V.”