In Germany, we began funding projects in the field of career orientation and integration in 2020. Our goal is to support young people in developing individual strengths and overcoming potential biographical barriers.

On a case-by-case basis, we may also support projects related to culture. These require a connection to Eastern Europe and the topic of intercultural communication and understanding. Applications will be reviewed individually.

Vocational orientation in the trades and integration efforts

Flüchtlingshilfe Karlsruhe e. V.

Since 2020
Supporting measures and equipment for vocational orientation and learning the German language

Project partners:

Flüchtlingshilfe Karlsruhe

Werkstattschule Heidelberg e. V.

Since 2020
Support for various vocational guidance projects in the trades

  • Koobox/Die Box
  • Talentbaustelle 
  • Läuft?


Werkstattschule Heidelberg

Arts and Culture

Support for the film “Nakam”, directed by Andreas Kessler

Support for the film “Iris”, directed by Natalia Sinelnikova

Funding of the film “Masel Tov Cocktail”, directed by: Arkadij Khaet

Promotion of the film “Vergebung?” (Forgiveness?), directed by Susanne and Peter Scheiner

Photography by Sebastian Weindel, Max Breuer