Cooperation agreement officially extended for 5 years

In early September, the Eberhard-Schöck-Stiftung signed an additional cooperation agreement with the education ministry of the Sverdlovsk region and its project partner of many years, the Ural College of Technology and Entrepreneurship in Yekaterinburg. This sets the stage for a continuation of the extremely successful partnership aimed at modernizing vocational training in the trades until the end of 2022. The project partners hope to multiply the results of prior projects at additional vocational colleges in the Sverdlovsk area and also update previously modernized trades up to the state of the art, both in terms of educational content and technology. The school exchange program with German vocational schools will also be expanded. In addition, the Eberhard-Schöck-Stiftung hopes to make use of the experiences of its project partner for multiplication activities that reach beyond the Sverdlovsk area and Russia.