Winter School of Urban Studies in Lutsk, Ukraine

3 February, 2020:

This weekend marked the end of the Winter School for Urban Studies at the Lutsk National Technical University. Over the course of one week, 35 students and ten volunteers from 13 universities throughout Ukraine worked together to draft an integrated urban development concept for the town of Lutzk and its historical center under the guidance of ten specialist lecturers from Ukraine and Germany.

At the end of the week, the prospective architects, urban planners and engineers presented their ideas on urban development, infrastructure improvement and traffic planning, which were met with great interest on behalf of the city administration.

Our subsidiary foundation, the  Stiftung zur Förderung des Bauwesens (SFB; Foundation for the promotion of building and construction) in Kiev, regularly organizes summer and winter school programs for urban studies at various locations throughout Ukraine such as the universities of Kiev, Kharkov and Rovno.

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