The Founder

Eberhard Schöck was born on April 26, 1935, in Nürtingen, Germany. After completing school, apprenticing as a bricklayer and internships with an architect and at a factory for prefabricated parts, he began his civil engineering studies at the Fachhochschule Stuttgart. In 1956, he won the award for the best interim exam.

In 1956, he won the award for the best interim exam. Before and during his studies, he completed various internships abroad, in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, in England and in Turkey.

In 1958, he completed his civil engineering degree in Hamburg. At his first job with the Institute for Human Factors at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, his responsibilities included finding ways to make construction methods more efficient.

In 1962, Eberhard Schöck founded his own construction company as well asSchöck Bauteile GmbH in Varnhalt near Baden-Baden, Germany. Today, the Schöck Group is a global supplier for the construction trade and has approximately 800 employees. The main focus of the Schöck Group is the development of ready-made construction parts that integrate into the engineered structure and benefit the structural physics of the building, for instance by reducing the number of thermal bridges in overhangs and adding sound insulation.

Eberhard Schöck has been married since 1961 and has four grown children.