Founded by entrepreneur and civil engineer Eberhard Schöck in late 1992, the Foundation supports vocational education in the construction sector and private-sector construction enterprise in Ukraine, Russia and Moldavia under the motto “Training for Change.” Most of its work is focused on operative aspects.

The Foundation’s primary aim is to help lay develop the required structures for small and medium-sized enterprises in order to reinforce democracy and a market economy in our partner countries.

With its activities and projects, the Foundation ensures knowledge transfer and takes action on economic, social, structural and educational policy issues.

The exchange program provides a forum for international communication that serves to foster mutual understanding, respect and friendship between people of different cultures. The Foundation partners with NGOs, advocacy groups for the trades, training and educational institutions, cities, trade enterprises and state institutions. Experts in all aspects of the construction trade, the building sector and vocational training are available to the Foundation for the implementation of its activities and projects.