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Modernization of degree programs Urban and Regional Planning in Kiev

27 April, 2020:

The introduction of a Master’s degree program in urban and regional planning aligned with Western European standards is the aim of our cooperation with the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (Київський національний університет будівництва i архітектури).  Building on jointly run schools of urban planning in Kiev, Kharkiv and Lutsk, we intend to work together to create a general methodical and methodological basis for the course over the next three years and deepen the cooperation between universities on a national and an international level.

In Ukraine, 13 universities currently offer specialist engineering and Master’s degree programs in urban planning.  The creation and sustainable development of an appropriate material and spatial environment for urban dwellers and users of residential and open spaces is the main focus of the discipline. It combines expertise and experience from the fields of demography, geography, geology, economics, ecology and climate research.  The level of interconnectedness and innovation among Ukrainian universities is low and the education and scientific-practical quality standards of professors and lecturers vary greatly, while the demand for well-qualified specialists and experts is high.

The coordination for the introduction of the modernized “Urban and Regional Planning” degree program is in the hands of our subsidiary foundation “Foundation for the Promotion of Construction” based in Kiev. In September 2021, the first students should be able to enroll in the modernized “Urban and Regional Planning” degree program at the newly created Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning, which already functions as an inter-university laboratory for urban development and municipal planning.


Launching a stonemason training program in Lviv, Ukraine

22 May, 2017:

Ukraine currently has no vocational training program for stonemasons, although the country’s program for carvers is excellent. Technical stonemasonry work is generally carried out by bricklayers. In Lviv, there is a tremendous need for for well-trained, technically skilled stonemasons with expertise in state-of-the-art conservation and restoration methods. The city holds a vast array of architectural riches whose maintenance requires the know-how of these professionals. The Lviv-based Irwan Trusch College, which has been training carvers for decades, provides an ideal environment for this program. The six-year artist training program allows students to delve more deeply and broadly into the skillset and enhances its value. A comprehensive restoration and conservation specialization these young artists with added opportunities and new professional perspectives.



Multiplying the modernized painter training programs in Vinnytsia and Kiev and Kharkiv

15 July, 2016:

The new vocational training project for painters, proven effective by our model project at the Vocational Art College in Lviv with the add-on “restorer” qualification program, is currently being implemented at two vocational training schools in Central Ukraine.  In the fall of 2015, the first renovated workshops were opened and training programs began at the Higher Vocational School for Building and Design in Kiev and the Higher Art and Vocational School No. 5 in Vinnytsia.

In December of 2017, we added the “Regional Vocational Training Center for Building and Construction Technology of the Kharkiv Area” in the Eastern Ukranian town of Kharkiv as a third location for the multiplication of the painter training program. The updated training programs at this location were launched in fall of 2018.

During an informational visit in May 2016, Ukranian project participants had the opportunity to become acquainted with the German apprenticeship system as well as the country’s painter training program. They displayed enormous interest and we anticipate that this visit will yield numerous impulses for the future of our projects.


Model Project in Lviv (Ukraine)

15 July, 2016:

The modernization of the painter/restorer and carpener/restorer training programs at the Vocational Art College in Lviv has been completed. Continuous follow-up ensures that the training program continues to be state of the art. Due to the tremendous restoration need in the city of Lviv, especially in connection with its status as a World Cultural Heritage site, the added restoration component is a unique feature being offered here. Buildings in the historic center of Lviv are urgently in need of restoration, both inside and out.


International dialogue project for stonemasons in Ukraine and Germany

15 July, 2016:

We have supported the International Dialogue Project for Stonemasons developed by thornconcept since 2011.
Every year, stonemasons from Ukraine arrive on site, and two groups of German stonemasons have already paid a visit to Ukraine. On the German side, the project aims to revitalize the baroque terrace gardens in Kirchheimbolanden, whereas on the Ukranian side, needed stonemasonry work is completed in the historic town center of Lviv. Working on their joint European cultural heritage opens up perspectives to the young craftsmen and artists that extend far beyond their own field of expertise and provides insight into the broader context of European culture.