Multiplying the modernized painter training programs in Vinnytsia and Kiev and Kharkiv

15 July, 2016:

The new vocational training project for painters, proven effective by our model project at the Vocational Art College in Lviv with the add-on “restorer” qualification program, is currently being implemented at two vocational training schools in Central Ukraine.  In the fall of 2015, the first renovated workshops were opened and training programs began at the Higher Vocational School for Building and Design in Kiev and the Higher Art and Vocational School No. 5 in Vinnytsia.

In December of 2017, we added the “Regional Vocational Training Center for Building and Construction Technology of the Kharkiv Area” in the Eastern Ukranian town of Kharkiv as a third location for the multiplication of the painter training program. The updated training programs at this location were launched in fall of 2018.

During an informational visit in May 2016, Ukranian project participants had the opportunity to become acquainted with the German apprenticeship system as well as the country’s painter training program. They displayed enormous interest and we anticipate that this visit will yield numerous impulses for the future of our projects.

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