Projects in Moldova

The Republic of Moldova has been among the foundation’s partner countries since 2011. The economic structure of the tiny, mostly agrarian country is very weak. Today, a significant part of the working population earns a living in Western Europe and many children grow up as “social orphans” with no adults looking after them. The vocational training system has not been improved for decades and vocational schools are in a desolate state. Especially in rural areas, young people have no future. Therefore, the foundation consciously decided to work with a school outside the capital and help improve the situation of its young students. In the meantime, we have added two additional project sites.


Modernizing plasterer training in Hîncești

In 2019, we added an additional project location in Moldova, the Școala Profesională Hîncești vocational college. In the town of Hîncești, located southwest of the Moldovan capital of Chişinău, plasterers will soon be able to receive training delivered through a modern training program. Currently, the necessary remodeling and conversion, workshop renovation and instructor trainings are being carried out.

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Modernizing the carpenter training program in Chişinău

In Chişinău, we have been working to modernize the carpenter training program at Școala Profesională nr. 4, a vocational college specializing in woodworking, since 2019. This also includes setting up a paint shop. The first modern woodworking machines have been purchased and instructor training has also been completed.

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Modernizing cabinetmaker training at the Vocational School in Causeni (Moldavia)

We have been modernizing cabinetmaker training at the Şcoala Profesională Căuşeni since 2011. In the meantime, we have fully renovated one workshop, fitted one machine room with modern equipment and equipped a woodshop with the requisite tools. Comprehensive training programs for teachers and master craftsmen were carried out. Currently, the facility has approximately 70 students. The number of students significantly increased after the project was launched.

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Dormitory of the Vocational Training School in Causeni/Moldova

For many years, we have been working with the Circle of Friends under the leadership of the founder’s wife, Sabine Schöck, to improve the living conditions of students at the Vocational Training School in Causeni/Moldova.

This is done both by enhancing vocational training opportunities, but also by assisting the students who live in the school’s dormitory with their everyday lives.

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