Projects in Georgia

To date, the foundation has not actively pursued any of its own projects in Georgia. Since 2014, we have been gathering information and preparing to carry out a joint project with the GIZ. We have now identified our project partners and can start to make specific plans. Provided we are able to successfully determine the location, we should be able to launch our first carpenter training programs later this year.


Friendly Monsters

Support for the “Friendly Monsters” project in Georgia is scheduled to begin shortly. This project aims to do creative work in the crafts and trades with youth on the margins of society. The project results are available to the public in the form of public art and playground equipment and help improve the acceptance of at-risk by society at large.

This creative collaboration in the crafts enhances their sense of self-worth, their ability to work in a team and their personal outlook.

For more information, please see FRIENDLYMONSTERS