Projects in Georgia

The Eberhard-Schöck-Stiftung began its activity in Georgia, a country that lies between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, between the Greater and the Lesser Caucasus, in 2016. After the demise of the Soviet Union, the country’s history was dominated by economic decline and political instability. In recent years, however, the Georgian capital of Tbilisi has been experiencing a tourism-related renaissance, and the mountain areas are also becoming increasingly popular with hikers from Western Europe. The practical component of the vocational training program system in the area is still inadequate. Outdated vocational training structures have been ill equipped to prepare young people to meet the increased demand for well-qualified craftsmen.


Modernizing the carpenter training program in Poti

In collaboration with the “Phazisi” vocational college, we are modernizing the carpenter training in the Georgian harbor town of Poti by the Black Sea. Within the framework of this project, we will be equipping the classrooms with modern machinery, small tools and hand tools, training instructors and revising the teaching and learning materials as well as the curriculum over the next three years. In doing so, we want to increase the practical emphasis of...Read more


Friendly Monsters

A playground and outdoor community space in the small town of Bolnisi in Georgia that was opened in 2017 combines the best aspects of art, craftsmanship, vocational training and volunteer work. Artist Joerg Schulze worked with unemployed youths to create a colorful wooden structure for the space. During the project, they learned woodworking basics, machine handling and the value of teamwork. With the “Friendly Monsters” project, the Eberhard-Schöck-Stiftung...Read more