Social Projects

Social projects – provided they comprise a trade component and take place in one of our partner countries – have been and continue to be among the range of projects we support.


Friendly Monsters

A playground and outdoor community space in the small town of Bolnisi in Georgia that was opened in 2017 combines the best aspects of art, craftsmanship, vocational training and volunteer work. Artist Joerg Schulze worked with unemployed youths to create a colorful wooden structure for the space. During the project, they learned woodworking basics, machine handling and the value of teamwork. With the “Friendly Monsters” project, the Eberhard-Schöck-Stiftung...Read more


Community for the Disabled in Istok/Russia

We are currently preparing to collaborate with the Community for the Disabled in Istok/Russia.

Within the framework of the sister city agreement between Pforzheim and Irkutsk and in collaboration with the vocational student exchange projects for cabinetmakers from Pforzheim and Irkutsk, we plan to be in contact with the residents at Istok in the hope of actively involving them in the project.

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Dormitory of the Vocational Training School in Causeni/Moldova

For many years, we have been working with the Circle of Friends under the leadership of the founder’s wife, Sabine Schöck, to improve the living conditions of students at the Vocational Training School in Causeni/Moldova.

This is done both by enhancing vocational training opportunities, but also by assisting the students who live in the school’s dormitory with their everyday lives.

We installed new windows, modernized kitchens on every floor and renovated and provided new equipment...Read more