Vocational Training

Presentation of the Manual “Basics of Restoration for Painters”

22 April, 2021:

From the very beginning, restoration was always a key focus in our projects to modernize vocational training in Ukraine according to European standards. In the UNESCO World Heritage City of Lviv in western Ukraine, as in many of our other project locations, an abundance of historical buildings is in dire need of careful preservation and restoration. In spite of a vast amount of information being available online, educational textbooks on the subject have been virtually non-existent.

Our project manager Gerhard Blessing and our deputy project manager Tamara Fedechko joined forces to summarize the experience they gained in 13 years of working to modernize painter training in Ukraine along with the key theoretical and practical foundations of restoration in their newly published manual “Basics of Restoration for Painters”. It will be initially tested at the vocational schools we partner with and later made available to the general public in Ukrainian. Today, they presented the manuscript for this new work of reference in a videoconference.

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