First class of sculptors with additional craft training graduate

The first graduates of the additional training program for stonemasons and restorers at the Ivan Trusch College of Decorative and Applied Art in Lviv, Ukraine have been awarded their Bachelor’s degree certificates. Our project manager, Dirk Brüggemann-Bulgakow, certified that the graduates are capable of performing stonemasonry and restoration work and underscored the similarity with the German training program. The young sculptors were able to gain many hours of practical experience within the framework of the Intercultural Dialog Project in the stonemasonry workshop of the master craftsmen school in Kaiserslautern, Germany. The additional program components help graduates learn to work on and restore stone products in addition to their artistic activities as sculptors.  This project aims to train the next generation of  local youth in the skills needed to expertly restore the artistic and architectural monuments in the old town of Lviv, which is a UNESCO cultural heritage site.