Entries by Kristin Bischoff

Russian Painter Apprentices participate in Master Painter Preparation Workshop in Germany

Three apprentice painters from the Ural College of Technology and Entrepreneurship in Russia had the opportunity to participate in a weeklong preparation course for aspiring Master Painters through the school’s exchange partnership with the vocational painters‘ school in Lahr, Germany (Badische Malerfachschule Lahr, BAMALA. During the one-week workshop, the students were tasked with processing a […]

Brilliance and commitment – Norbert Lammert receives the award for his outstanding contribution to the German language

This year’s awards went to Norbert Lammert, the project “Klasse! Wir singen” of the Singen e. V. nonprofit as well as the show “Sozusagen!”, aired by Bayerischer Rundfunk. As the first politician in the series of award recipients, Norbert Lammer – the former presiding officer of the German parliament – received the Jacob Grimm Award […]

Germany Scholarship – Recipients 2017/2018

During an hourlong celebration, the scholarships for the 2017/2018 academic year at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences were handed out. Congratulations to Otman Elammari (tri-national Civil Engineering), Samuel Frantz (Infrastructure Engineering), Christoph Rist and Tobias Zowada (Civil Engineering) and Sabrina Tölke (Construction Management and Economics).