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Exchange Projects

Cabinetmakers from Krasnodar and Karlsruhe visit Baden-Baden

18 March, 2016:

24 cabinetmakers visited Baden-Baden as part of the student exchange program between Karlsruhe and its Russian partner city Krasnodar. They had the opportunity to learn about both the company and the foundation. Following an extensive lunch, they explored the Russian side of Baden-Baden under the expert tutelage of Renate Effern.

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Exchange Projects

Painters from Jekaterinburg visit Lahr as exchange students

3 March, 2016:

Apprentice painters from Jekaterinburg visited the “Badische Malerfachschule”, a vocational school for painters in Lahr, Germany for one week. The project and culture programs were on a tight schedule this time, because the students ended their trip by exploring Berlin alongside their German counterparts – a new highlight in the many years of school partnership. The return visit to Jekaterinburg is scheduled for this month.

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Multiplication, Vocational Training

Multiplying the tile setter training program in Krasnodar

3 March, 2016:

The workshops in Krasnodar are currently being converted and the Master Craftsman training has begun.
The multiplication phase of the modernized training concept for tile setters in Krasnodar scheduled for 2015 started on time. We have now trained the master craftsmen from Krasnodar at our long-standing model and partner school in Jekaterinburg to prepare them for the new vocational training program. An additional training session will take place in March at the Heinrich-Hübsch-Schule...Read more

Prizes and Awards

DeutschlandStipendium 2015/2016

2 March, 2016:

On March 1, three students from the University of Karlsruhe visited Schöck Bauteile GmbH and the Eberhard-Schöck-Stiftung. The foundation has supported students at the university’s Institute of Civil Engineering for the past four years. It provides the scholarship funding and once a year, scholarship students visit the company to gain insights and an impression of Schöck Bauteile GmbH. This also includes extensive information about the work of the foundation.

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