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Официальное подписание договора о сотрудничестве на последующие 5 лет

11 September, 2017:

В начале сентября в Екатеринбурге Фонд Эберхарда Шёка подписал очередное соглашение о сотрудничестве с Министерством общего и профессионального образования Свердловской области и своим многолетним партнёром, Уральским колледжем технологий и предпринимательства. Таким образом, успешное сотрудничество в сфере модернизации профессионального образования по ремесленным профессиям будет продолжено до конца 2022 года. Партнёры планируют распространять результаты предыдущих проектов в других профессиональных учебных заведениях Свердловской области, а также вывести на тематически и технически современный уровень ранее модернизированные профессии из предыдущих проектов. Наряду с этим, предусмотрено дальнейшее расширение возможностей обмена учащимися с немецкими профессиональными учебными заведениями. Фонд Эберхарда Шёка планирует, кроме этого, использовать опыт своего партнёра за пределами Свердловской области и даже Российской Федерации в вопросах распространения результатов реализованных проектов.


German and Ukranian stonemasons hard at work in the old town of Lviv, Ukraine

19 July, 2017:

Led by expert stonemason and sculptor Dirk Brüggemann-Bulgakow, young German and Ukrainian stonemasons began restoration work on the facade of a historic building in the old town of Lviv, Ukraine this week. This type of project was conducted very successfully in previous years. The building is centrally located and public interest is high. In addition to learning modern restoration techniques and craftsmanship skills, the young stonemasons are also getting to know the city, the country and the residents. Collaborating on what is their joint cultural heritage, especially at the intersection of art and craftsmanship, is particularly enriching for the development of the participants both as young adults and as craftsmen. This project is organized by Dr. Lydia Thorn Wickert  and the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit.




“Friendly Monsters” in Georgia – A colorful new playground and outdoor community space opens in Bolnisi, Georgia

14 July, 2017:

A newly opened playground and outdoor community space in the city of Bolnisi in Georgia combines the best aspects of art, craftsmanship, vocational training and volunteer work. Here, Joerg Schulze worked with unemployed youth to create a wooden structure that benefits the local community. Most of the design and construction work was done by the adolescents. During the project, they learned woodworking basics, machine handling and the value of teamwork.  The Eberhard-Schöck-Stiftung initiated the project to support these young people during a difficult phase of their lives in the context of the year of Georgian-German friendship. This project is supported by the German Embassy Tbilisi and the city of Bolnisi.

Prizes and Awards

Jacob Grimm Award presented to Norbert Lammert

1 June, 2017:

The award recipients of the German Language Culture Award 2017 have been named. Information about Norbert Lammert and the other award recipients is availablehere (in German).

Vocational Training

New perspectives for carvers – launching a stonemason training program in Lviv

22 May, 2017:

The Eberhard-Schöck-Stiftung and the Iwan Trush College of Decorative and Applied Art have signed a partnership agreement in Lviv. Together, they plan to launch a technical training program with a focus on restoration stonemasonry work in the city. In working with stone, the college currently focuses on carving and has a strong artistic orientation. The tremendous need for restoration in Lviv, given the innumerable architectural treasures found in just the facaded in the old town, requires more extensive technical skills and expertise in modern restauration techniques, however. Therefore, the current training program will be expanded and enhanced with these components.